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PCSO Monthly update

Dear All,


I hope all is well and there aren’t too many issues in your areas.


We had the pleasure of attending a parish council meeting this evening and we were impressed with the can do attitude of the members and the appreciation of the ‘Country Eye’ app. We would like to promote the app in rural areas through other parishes. We found it very reassuring how easy the councillors found it to report such incidents as fly tipping, suspicious events, poaching and theft. In a nut shell Country Eye is the rural version of neighbourhood watch but in a convenient app which is free to download and use. In this modern day of technology it’s a quick and easy way to keep up to date with things going on in your area. Apps like these can only remain affective if people download and use them regularly.


One of the issues we have been dealing with in rural areas recently is nuisance motorbikes. These offenders can cause a lot of distress for land owners, neighbouring residents, dog walkers, livestock and wildlife in these areas. We have been working hard with other agencies to gather information to track down the offenders, so if you receive any information from your residents  regarding this type of issue please forward it on to the police via 101 so if there is nearby patrol the offenders can be dealt with robustly.


Please see the attached information leaflets and if possible upload them for your residents to browse at their leisure on your websites.   


If you know of any issues we may be able to assist with please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Kind regards,

Amy and Sue.