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Name of Committee : Amenities

Membership: Mandy Hewitt, Rita Radford, Steve Maines, Ray Picot.

Additional Membership: Joe Malzer - Co Opted

Quorum: 3 members

Terms of Reference:

To monitor all footpaths and bridleways in the Parish and ensure that there is clear access to them.

  • To liaise with the proper authorities (through the Parish Clerk) to ensure the maintenance of all stiles, gates and paths.

  • To inform and negotiate with landowners (through the Parish Clerk) about any damage to or obstruction of any paths, stiles or fences on their land.

  • To manage and maintain open spaces, other than the Recreation Ground, owned by the Council or for which it is responsible.

  • To manage the children’s play area and youth shelter and ensure an annual safety inspection.

  • To monitor access and use by the public of all areas within the Parish of common land, village greens or other lands in, or under, public ownership, control or usage.

  • To monitor the street lamps owned by the Council and liaise (through the Clerk) with street lighting contractor to ensure they are kept in good repair

  • To monitor the state of the highways and liaise (through the Clerk) with the Highways department re potholes etc.

  • To make proposals for project work with relation to village amenities.

Date of Agreement: July 2008

Reviewed: May 2021

Name of Committee : Finance

Membership : Nick Manton (chair), Carole Moody, Mandy Hewitt

Additional Membership : N/A

Quorum : Two Councillors

Terms of Reference :

To undertake on behalf of the Parish Council the overseeing of financial matters and reporting to Parish Council meetings.

To assist and advise the Responsible Financial Officer in all matters including the preparation of the monthly, quarterly and annual accounts.

To monitor expenditure and income against the approved Parish Council Budget

To prepare the annual budget and precept with associated information for presentation to the full Council.

To ensure that the correct procedures are adopted and followed for all purchases and that the correct application is made of the tender process.

To review tenders with the relevant committee and to make recommendations relating to these tenders for adoption by the full council.

To be proactive in pursuit of ways to improve the financial income of the Council.

To recommend to the council on the appointment of the internal auditor.

To ensure all CIL receipts and expenditure are properly recorded for submission to Sevenoaks District Council

Date of Agreement : June 2005

Reviewed: May 2021

Footnote: It is expected that the RFO will be in attendance at all meetings

Name of Committee: Planning and Transportation

Membership: Rita Radford (Chair), Nick Manton, Sabrina Little and Ray Picot

Additional Membership :N/A

Quorum: 3 members

Terms of Reference:

  • To consider all matters pertaining to planning and especially planning applications referred to the Council by the Planning Authority and make delegated decisions concerning the suitability of any proposed development in the light of public knowledge and precedent.

  • To liaise with transport providers and local authorities regarding transportation to and from Knockholt.

  • To encourage the transport service providers to supply such information as is relevant to the parish in all matters pertaining to their services, both current and proposed.

Date of Agreement: August 2004

Reviewed:  May 2021

Name of Committee: Publicity and Media

Membership: Mandy Hewitt (chair), John Collins, Steve Maines.

Additional Membership: N/A

Quorum: 3 members

Terms of Reference:

Overall Purpose 
To promote the work of the Parish Council.

We aim to provide good, cost-effective communication of the services provided by the Council to keep residents and visitors informed, and to encourage participation in its activities.


To prepare and issue statements for the information of parishoners.

  • To co-ordinate the preparation of articles on the proceedings and work of the Council for the monthly Knockholt Parish Magazine.

  • To edit and publish a quarterly Parish Council newsletter, bulletins and/or notices.

  • To edit and publish relevant and timely information on the Council’s website to include the required statutory information, information on the Council and on the village.

  • To assist in other promotional work as required by the Parish Council.

Date of Agreement: August 2005

Reviewed: May 2021

Name of Committee: Sports and Leisure

Membership:(chair), Carole Moody, John Collins, Graham Brookes

Additional Membership: N/A

Quorum: 3 members

Terms of Reference:

  • To administer the Recreation Ground, with the exception of the children’s/youth facilities, surrounding hedges and trees, and advise the Council on a regular basis of matters related to property and equipment owned by the Council in particular with regard to matters related to public safety.

  • To discuss, as necessary, matters related to the use of the Recreation Ground facilities with the Council’s tenants i.e. the sports clubs.

  • To look at future opportunities for sports/leisure activities.

  • To administer and develop facilities on the extension land.

Reviewed: May 2021