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Sevenoaks Local Plan Will Severely Impact Knockholt Your Voice Counts!


Wednesday, 16 January 2019




Sevenoaks Local Plan Will Severely Impact Knockholt

Your Voice Counts!

You only have until Sunday, 3rd February to voice your thoughts on Sevenoaks District Council’s local plan that includes developments that will have major impacts on Knockholt and neighbouring Halstead.

Please be clear that the number of individual responses is what matters: a petition is counted by SDC as just one response regardless of the number of signatures. The Knockholt Society has singled out what it feels are the two main areas of concern and asks you to make your voice heard:

•           Broke Hill (SDC ref. MX41)—this plan to build around 900 houses on the former golf course and Green Belt site has been removed from the local plan at present, but it is unlikely the developers will meekly submit to that. We need to let SDC know we all support its decision. You can bolster that by reiterating points made by the Society, which include some of Knockholt Parish Council’s (KPC) points, in its initial response to the draft local plan: https://maps.sevenoaks.gov.uk/crowdsource-polling-master/index.html?appid=af73a66186e540abb2cf0918f37a13e1 Comment Ref: DLPS5403. Points include lack of infrastructure and that the development is sheer urban sprawl, will cause havoc on our badly-maintained and narrow roads, congestion in our villages, and environmental pollution.

•          Fort Halstead (SDC ref. MX24)—outline planning permission for 450 houses, a hotel and space for industrial development was granted in 2015 with a very important proviso agreed by SDC that the Star Hill entrance would be closed to traffic other than emergency services and buses. SDC’s main reason for granting that permission was that the development would be ‘Employment Led’. That, SDC states, has not changed. What has changed is the developer’s pretentions. Under a new plan—with formal planning permission likely to be applied for in March this year—the hotel, with its employment possibilities, has gone to be replaced with another 300 houses. This ups the residential development to 750 houses (plus the existing 62), resulting in a ‘village’ (the developers’ term, see https://www.jtp.co.uk/cms/pdfs/Fort-Halstead-Pre-application-Consultation-Exhibition-Boards.pdf) nearly double the size of Knockholt. Worse, at a drop-in ‘consultation’ at Fort Halstead on Saturday, 12th January 2019, the developers told the Society they wish to open the Star Hill entrance to all traffic, and claimed they are supported in that by Kent County Council.

Apart from the inherent dangers, that would turn Knockholt and probably Halstead into rat runs.

Again, you might also like to use points made by the Society/KPC: https://maps.sevenoaks.gov.uk/crowdsource-polling-master/index.html?appid=af73a66186e540abb2cf0918f37a13e1 Comment Ref: DLPS5404


You need to do this via SDC’s ‘Regulation 19 Consultation Representation Form’ which can be found here https://www.sevenoaks.gov.uk/downloads/file/1339/regulation_19_representation_form and either filled in online (SDC have promised a Word file as well as a PDF will be available) or by hand. If you’ve already responded to the draft plan and wish to reiterate what you’ve said, you can cut & paste from your original submission as well as from KPC’s and the Society’s. To fill in Reg.19, SDC offer some guidance here: http://planningconsult.sevenoaks.gov.uk/consult.ti/PRESUBLP and scroll down to ‘Guidance Note for Making Comments’ for a downloadable PDF. The Reg.19 form, however, is complex…


On Tuesday, 22nd January 2019 Halstead Green Belt Future Group, backed by the Society, has organised an advice session at Halstead Primary School (Otford Lane, TN14 7EA, tel: 01-959 532-224) from 7pm to 9pm which will be attended by our SDC councillors Gary Williamson and John Grint. Full guidance on filling in form Reg.19 will be given and it’s your chance to learn at first hand more about the valid objections to Broke Hill and Fort Halstead.


Please join the Knockholt Society and help us to help Knockholt. It costs just £5 per household per year, and includes a wine & cheese social at our AGM (14th May). Membership secretary Geoff Whale will be delighted to hear from you at: Shamrock, Pound Lane, Knockholt TN14 7NA—tel: 01-959 533 327 / email: geoffwhale@aol.com

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If you wish to make an enquiry or booking of the Village Centre Hall please contact thadaway@btinternet.com who is the Booking Secretary.